Comparing MailChimp and SendGrid: Features, Pricing, Performance, and Support

There are many kinds of email marketing software out there. Two of the big ones are MailChimp and SendGrid. They’re super popular and lots of people use them.

Using email marketing software is like having a special tool for your brand. It helps you create and send really nice messages to lots of email addresses. Without it, making a successful email campaign is pretty tough. Let’s dig a little deeper in these two email marketing platform.

Let’s compare MailChimp and SendGrid. We’ll check out important stuff like what they’re capable of, how much they charge, how effective they are, and the ways they can assist. Once you’re done here, you can also read our MailChimp alternatives article to learn more.

Features Comparison: MailChimp and SendGrid


MailChimp is an email marketing platform which helps you to send bulk emails. Making good emails can be tricky, so MailChimp has templates to help. You can pick a template you like and change it.

Exploring Mailchimp and SendGrid

MailChimp also helps you take care of your email list and make it bigger. You can make forms for your website where people can type in their email, and those emails will go on your list. If you already have a list you can keep sending emails to those people.


SendGrid also has templates you can use. Their templates often work well on different devices, like phones and computers. You can also set emails to send later, just like MailChimp.

SendGrid and Mailchimp for Email Marketing

If you want to know how well your emails are doing, SendGrid has a dashboard. It tells you things like how many people opened your email. MailChimp has something like that too, but SendGrid’s dashboard gives more information.

Performance and Analytics

MailChimp works on the internet and has apps you can use on your phone. These are useful when you’re not at your desk. MailChimp’s dashboard is easy to use, even though it has lots of stuff. It might seem confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

SendGrid is also on the internet, but it doesn’t have apps for your phone. Some people say it’s not as easy to use as MailChimp.

Customer Support of MailChimp and SendGrid

If you need help with MailChimp, you can talk to them by email, chat, or phone. But phone help is only for the most expensive plan. They’ll help you for free for the first month if you’re using their free version. If you’re stuck with MailChimp, you can read their guides or even hire experts to help you.

SendGrid also helps by email, chat, and phone. Everyone can ask for help, and if you pay, you get even more choices. You can learn about SendGrid from their guides and videos.

Price Plans and Benefits

Both SendGrid and MailChimp have free plans, but they come with limits. For example, MailChimp’s free plan lets you send 500 emails each month. MailChimp start at $11.00 per month and has 2 other plans you pay for. Going up to $299.

SendGrid’s first plan starts at $19.95 a month and has 3 more plans for professional use. But the SendGrid’s pricing can change based on what you want. So, you have the freedom to choose the plan that suits your needs and fits your budget perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Both MailChimp and SendGrid are good tools, but MailChimp is easier to use and costs less. If you don’t have a big budget, MailChimp is a better choice. For bigger businesses, SendGrid might be the right pick.

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